Imana Wild Ride

QuickPix was invited joined the Imana Wild Ride "Ride the Wave" to provide background, participant, sponsor and daily highlights images. Covering this event from start to finish, by foot and helicopter, presented incredible scenery. The IMANA Wild Ride is South Africa’s original mountain biking stage race, having begun in 2000 with a humble beginnings of thirty-five (2-man) teams. The event is organized by RIDE WILD cc, namely Steve Stamp, Glen Haw (of Subaru sani2c fame) and Rebecca van der Linde. While the event affords the limited entry a unique and incomparable opportunity to cycle one of the most beautiful, unspoilt coastlines anywhere in the world – a more important aspect to the race is the relationship which has evolved between ‘the riders’ and the local peoples of the Wild Coast. Together with title sponsor IMANA FOODS (SA) (Pty) Ltd, the event organizers have worked closely with the community in building classrooms and providing improved learning facilities in an effort to make a difference to a beautiful part of the world that we are privileged to enjoy. We are proud to have built 25 classrooms to date and with momentum growing on the fund-raising front, the plan is to continue to make a difference.